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YunOS for Wear Released

YunOS for Wear which face for smart watches officially released on October 15. Following the release of their own wear OS of Tencent and Baidu, YunOS for Wear also finally come out.

yunos for wear system released

YunOS For Wear is a smart watch system based on Android, support for Android Wear applications, the main feature is localized, access to the entire product line of Ali account system, developers can also use the Ali cloud services for free.

In terms of features, to pay off the line is repeatedly stressed that the user’s watch can be generated to pay by scanning the two-dimensional code, but no NFC, is currently not supporting public transportation cards and UnionPay cards(which diffent with Swatch Bellamy). In order to make payment more secure, as long as the watch left the wrist, the payment function will be locked.

On the other hand, due to the access to Ali’s account system, Taobao and other services have a better integration, such as buy a movie ticket on Taobao, watches will receive push information, as well as real time logistics alert, etc.

There are also two smart watches named Pay watch and inWatch Run released with YunOs for wear, two smart watches come from Shenzhen China.

Alibaba also released their own smart watch system, which shows that we have valued the market. But there is no excellent good product from now. And with the Android Wear come into China, and do a lot of localization, the only advantage of these third party OS also almost disappeared.

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