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Mark Zuckerberg: 2016 is the First Year of Consumer VR


China Development Forum held in Beijing yesterday, in the parallel session of “innovation”, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and Chairman of Alibaba Group Jack Ma in a dialogue. Zuckerberg said, Facebook is very concerned about the development of AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality) technology. He said that 2016 ...

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Xiaomi to March into VR in 2016


“Xiaomi will build an exploration laboratory in the future, the initial focus on Virtual Reality (VR) and robots and other new directions for the following development.” Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi Technology Ltd, said in the internal annual meeting. (Xiaomi Lab: Research on VR/ Robotics and other advanced technologies) In ...

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MAD Glass: A Smart Glasses Running Android System


There is a new smart glasses developed by a HongKong-based company, its name is MAD Glass. Allegedly, the glasses has smartphones function, and running Android system. This wearable device can be used with your existing glasses, and will be a variety of augmented reality information covered in the world around ...

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