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Ticwatch 2 Review


On June 3rd, Chinese artificial intelligence company Chumenwenwen officially released the Ticwatch 2 which equipped with Ticwear 4.0 system. As the next generation product of China’s best-selling Android smart watch, Ticwatch 2 not only has some changes in the design, but also has great improvement in aspects of hardware sensing, artificial intelligence interactive, independence and so on, by the built-in SMD SIM chip and 3G communication module, Ticwatch 2 also has an independent communications and network functions, can be used directly without phone.

As a second-generation product of Ticwatch, Ticwatch 2 to continue its minimalist style in appearance, still uses circular screen design, equipped with 1.4-inch OLED scratch resistant display, the resolution has reached 400 * 400, which has been significantly improved when compare to 320 * 320 of the first generation, and the display ratio for 73.5%. The case is made of 316L stainless steel material, with full metallic finish. The dial is also equipped with Ambient Mode, time can be displayed by low energy consumption.

On the left side of Ticwatch 2, there is a circular Home button, consistent with Ticwatch Standard Edition. But Ticwatch 2 hidden the touch strip in the back of the case, improve the sensitivity of the operation, but the function does not change, slide or click to enable zoom in and zoom out, menu selection and other diversified operation.

Ticwatch 2 have a significant change in the material of the case, in addition to 3 porcelain series watches, classic series and Yuet series are using the Piano bakes lacquer design, in the center of the back cover is also equipped with dual LED PPG Optical heart rate sensor, can real-time detect user’s heart rate in motion.

Ticwatch 2 Classic Series sports with leather material strap, the contact portion of the wrist using a soft velvet touch endothelium, wear comfortable and natural while maintaining strength, durability and breathability.

In addition, Ticwatch 2 equipped with a 300mAh battery, with wireless charging base, also with an unique TiChargeTM wireless quick charge technology for fast wireless charging under the effective control of the heating of the premise. Charging efficiency up to 75%. The waterproof rating of Ticwatch 2 is IP65, lower than IP67 of the previous generation, but can meet people’s daily requirements.

In the configuration, Ticwatch 2 using the MT2601 1.2 dual-core processor, equipped with Ticwear 4.0 systems, the infrastructure is more stable. As a smart home control, in addition to supporting easy to control Broadlink, Ticwear 4.0 also added in Ali intelligent Eco, so Ticwatch 2 can control more smart home devices.

Through the build-in SMD SIM chip, GPS module, dynamic heart rate sensors and other components and a variety of advanced sensors, Ticwatch 2 to achieve a breakthrough on 3G independent communications and does not rely on the phone, more accurate and timely data tracking, and better privacy protection. The built-in GPS module, support a variety of assisted positioning mode, and accordingly real-time navigation, motion tracking.

In addition, Ticwatch 2 also supports Ticpay mobile payment, be able to quickly realize mobile payment, to facilitate people’s daily consumption. Of course, the most basic advantages of Ticwatch is the Chinese speech interactive system, the Ticwear 4.0 syestem is more stable in the infrastructure, very friendly user interface, interoperate more smoothly, which is one of the reasons Ticwatch 2 worthy of recognition.

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