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TCL Watch Review

At the beginning of this year, TCL displayed a smart watch in CES, which looks like Moto 360, and use circular dial design, like a traditional watch with smart technology. Six months later, this smart watch was official launched as TCL Watch.

TCL Watch appearence

TCL Watch has a 2.5D arc glass, equipped with a 1.2 inches 240 × 204 resolution screen. The black border makes the screen look like moto 360 and the user can touch the black side to achieve return. Dial scale is silver, only in 6:00 and 12 o’clock has a digital ID. The lugs use stainless steel, with a one piece technology.

tcl watch thickness 10.2mm

The thickness of TCL Watch is 10.2mm, the only physical buttons are provided on the right.

tcl watch back shell

The back shell of TCL watch is made of plastic material, and the surface after grinding treatment. In addition to the product serial number and FCC certification ID outside, there is a dynamic heart photoelectric sensors set in the center of back shell, for real-time monitoring heart rate status.



The strap of TCL Watch using silica gel and resin double design, lining materials are much softer and design with a wavy surface, increase the permeability and to promote sweat. On the outer side of the strap has an NFC logo, this also is the unique part of TCL watch, it supports to connected with NFC enabled mobile phone.

tcl smart watch charger

The USB interface of TCL Watch at the end of the strap. Can be used to charge through the charging line in the accessories, can also be directly inserted into the power adapter or computer U port to charge.

TCL watch heart rate fuction

A pink heart-shaped image indicate the heart rate monitoring function, click on the pink dot can be opened to measure heart rate. And then there will be an ECG beat graphics, after 10s you will see a heart rate data.

May be due to the consideration of power consumption, so TCL Watch is not support timing monitoring. But some of the parameters can be set by the mobile phone app for heart rate detection, and this feature is more practical.

Tcl Watch other fuctions

TCL Watch can display the number of steps, calories, distance, exercise time and quality of sleep, and the UI are consistent with mobile phone app.

In addition, TCL Watch also joined a number of other small features, such as stopwatch and compass functionality.

TCL Watch can also control the phone music player, and synchronous display the song information in the watch display.

The wearer can answer and hang up the phone by sliding the smart watches.


TCL Watch has a circular dial design, simple and stylish appearance, original USB charging port, and with other general features, the smart watch is good on the whole.

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