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Haier Launched Indoor Grow Vegetalbes Equippment


Things grow by the sun, now Haier break the law, to launch a smart hydroponic vegetables device, intelligent illumination simulate the full band illumination which plants required for, also with intelligent temperature control. Vegetables don’t need soil, sunshine, and completely harmless, can easily grow in the bedroom. This indoor grow ...

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Haier Launched Smart Refrigerator


Haier released a smart Internet refrigerator recently, there are two horns arranged on both sides of the refrigerator, which can communicate with the user. In addition, Haier refrigerator integrated with entertainment, lifestyle information, network interaction and other various resources. Haier smart refrigerator not only has fresh, refrigeration function, but also ...

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TCL Communication Smart Home System Appeared on CeBIT 2015


On the world’s largest international consumer electronics,communications and information technology fair CeBIT 2015, TCL Communications CEO showed the TCL smart home systems and other core technologies and products. The TCL smart home systems presentation environment consist of smartTVs, refrigerators, air conditioners,air purifiers,routers, lighting, access control systems and surveillance cameras. TCL ...

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Hisense Smart Air Solutions “Breathing Home”


Recently, Hisense released smart air solutions “breathing home” on the Internet, which caused a lot of attention, let us explore how it is implemented automatic air conditioning. It is understood that this program “breathing home” is a combination of smart boxes, smart air conditioning, humidification type air purifier, dehumidifier and ...

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Qihoo 360 Smart Home Official Website On Line


Smart home has become the next battleground of the Internet and home appliance manufacturers. Yesterday, with Qihoo 360 smart home domain on line, the layout of 360 smart home gradually clear. Qihoo 360 smart device responsible person introduced that, the domain start of “home.360.cn” means 360 smart home strategy began, ...

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