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Pay Watch: Equipped with YunOS & Can Be Offline payment

In Alibaba “YunOs for wear” smart wearable Operating Systems conference, launched a payment watch which based on YunOs system — Pay watch, looks like Swatch Bellamy from the function, focus on payment function, can complete the payment in the case of without network, just double click on the right side of the watch button, obtain the payment code, can complete the payment after scanning, supports all Alipay users.

Ali Pay Watch released

Pay watch uses powder metallurgy forming process, the central body is made of stainless steel, has four leather strap and a ceramic strap. In terms of configuration, Pay watch uses a 1.63 inches AMOLED screen, 320 x 320 pixels resolution, 4GB ROM, configured with the Bluetooth dual mode and ITE touch IC. In addition, Pay Watch built in 300mAh battery, supports 5.5 hours of fitness and 10 hours of call, and uses magnetic charging.

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Pay Watch has push function, the counting step function, heart rate monitoring function, etc. which is similar to the ordinary smart watches. In addition, the security of Pay Watch is also guaranteed, the use of infrared sensors, to monitor the watch, it will automatically lock the smart watch when it leave away from the wrist for 1cm or more, and also provide users with 1 million alipay security risks.

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