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O2 Cloud Smart Speaker: Voice Control & Connect with Wifi

O2 cloud speaker is a wireless smart speaker, which is diffenert with Zettaly Avy Smart Speaker, can be used to connect the WiFi.


It can be seen from the side, the surface of O2 is not parallel to the bottom surface, but there is a roughly 30 degree angle, the shape looks very unique.


There is a arc groove above the bottom, we can hand it up, below the groove are switch button and power interface.


Parameters on the bottom:
Model: MP01
Input: 18V = 1.3A
Battery: 8800mAh
Speaker: 8 ohm/15W


Press the Switch button for 5 seconds to boot, accompanied by the melodious music, it will display a variety of colors of the O2 icon on the screen.


Then enter the WiFi interface, when the connection is succesful, O2 cloud smart speaker will automatically play music.


The biggest characteristic of O2 speaker is search song by voice. Just need to tap it on the chin, or directly said: “Hello, little O”, will enter the stage of search. In addition to search song, O2 cloud speaker also can search for the weather of any city, just ask: “The weather of XX (place)”.


Right sliding the screen, enter the setup interface. There are 8 different options, the most important point is the advanced settings — enable gestures change songs. Tick, do not need to touch the O2 cloud speaker, only need to lightly slide in its surface, you can change the song.


Left sliding screen, you can choose the song or radio. “My collection” is your collection of songs, the other is the different types of songs recommended O2 cloud smart speaker. In addition, in different periods of time, will have a different song selection.


Users can download the App by scan QR code on the specification (only support iOS), it can synchronize the different radio stations.


In the settings, you can set the alarm clock, O2 speaker will start playing music at the time you set it to, but can only choose the scene in the radio category, can not choose the specific song. In addition, O2 also has regular broadcast function.


In general, O2 cloud smart speaker has advantages in appearance, and souds great, can search the song by voice; the shortcoming is voice recognition rate is not high, no lyrics, and must be connected to the WiFi. However, you can not have both, just to see what you want.

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