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Meizu Bong 2P Smart Bracelet Released: Long-standby, RMB 79 Yuan

Meizu new conference is held at the Beijing National Convention Center, and simultaneously debut with Meizu note 3 is a wearable device – Meizu bong 2P smart bracelet. First, bong 2P offers 40-day long battery life, while its weight is only 11g. Because it is a Meizu phone peripherals, bong 2P provides interactive support with Note 3, such as free unlock without password, just pick up the phone while wearing the Bong 2P, you can skip the password to use your mobile phone.


It is reported that, bong 2P can automatically identify the user’s “quiet, walking, running, warm-up, exercise, sleep and activity” several states, and record the number of steps, distance, calories and other data, supports calls, alarm reminders,.

Bong 2P adopts black design, it has a corrugated surface, lightweight and fashion. And the bracelet only costs 79 yuan($13) in China, which is cheaper than Xiaomi Mi band Pulse($15) as well as it owned product Bong 2s($15).




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