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LeEco Launches Kido Watch for Kids with 4G Network Supported


Recently, Kido Watch, a new kid’s smart watch brand cooperate with LeEco Inc, held a new conference, officially launched a new kids smart watch, Kido watch.

It is reported that, Kido is an exclusive brand for the children’s market launched by the most powerful intelligent communications terminal R&D team, Shanghai Artimen limited company, the only kids smartwatch partner of LeEco.

As the world’s first 4G kids smart watch, it is a disruptive innovation in this industry, to put the kids smartwatch into a new “smart era.”

Kido Watch uses Qualcomm Snapdragon chip with 4G technology, provides a powerful impetus support for the system application of Kido Watch. Also customized an independent Broadcom GPS chip, mounted the high-end flagship phone standard chip in a smart watch, the chip can runs continuously without wake up the main chip, improve the positioning functions of kids smart watch, parents can understand the latest developments of the child faster and more accurate. Except for 4G netword, Kido Watch also supports all major frequency bands of all global carriers, so that parents are free to choose the SIM card.

Kido Watch developed a smart operating system “Kido OS” on the basis of the Android system for children, the system is based on morphological characteristics and usage scenario, conducted in-depth customization, scalable expansion. The system focus on security, in addition to prevent children from crack calls, but also achieve multiple encryption for the data of watches and APP.

Kido Watch sports with comfortable soft silicone material strap, with a 1.4-inch high-definition Retina screen with full-screen fit technology, 323PPI, comparable to Apple Watch, while Kido Watch specially designed eyeshield mode, automatically adjust the brightness and suitable color for children, good care of the child’s vision. 800mAh large capacity battery and optimization programs can help achieve long battery life.

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