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iWown i7 Review


As a new generation of product, iWown i7 is different from the predecessor iWown i5 Plus, it is using a popular square design, with 316L all-metal fuselage and capacitive touch screen, which tend to be more attractive.

iWown i7: Design


The iWown i7 uses a 316L all-metal body, 39*31*8.4mm in body dimension, and the strap is sized at 210*20*2.8mm. With respect to the watch type smart bracelet, such a thickness and size is still modest, never too small for men, or too big for ladies.

There is no buttons on iWown i7, with integrated design, the overall weight is only 30 grams.

The iWown i7 uses ultra-low power Memory display, sensitive capacitive touch screen, size of 1.28 inches, the surface using 2.5D super toughened glass.

iWown i7: Fuctions


By the use of AMS dynamic heart rate sensor, the fitness tracker can achieve real-time heart rate monitoring.

The heart rate sensor is set in the center of back, in order to better fit the wrist, the design of the sensor is slightly protruding, so it can also monitoring your heart rate when rotating the wrist. With respect to the flat design, this design should be better for a heart rate monitor.

The iWown i7 smart bracelet built-in a 100mAH polymer lithium-ion battery, recharging only took 1.5 hours. In the case of stay open the real-time heart rate monitoring function, the standby time is about six days, official data shows that it can last for 30 days under watch mode. The users can choose whether to open heart rate monitoring function.

In the bottom of the heart rate sensor is a magnetic type charging port, the bracelet using the most popular Magnetic recharging instead of Micro USB.

iWown i7: Experience


The default interface displays much information, date, time, and slide to the right you can see the movement information, notification and settings interface.

Compared to other similar products which can only record walking and running and other conventional sports, the iWown i7 supports a lot of mainstream sports.

For example, the push-ups, I tested several times, the bracelet can display the real-time heart rate, number, lenght(not very precise), calories, and other parameters, very comprehensive and intuitive.

I think, the biggest advantage of iWown i7 is probably feeling very comfortable to wear, as well as the intentions of workmanship and materials, 2.5D + screen metal body. After all, it does’t built-in a intelligent system, without large amounts of memory, so the price of 279 yuan($44) is suitable for this devices.

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