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iWown i5 Plus Review


iWown is a Shenzhen-based company focus on smart bracelet, at present had i7, i5 Plus and i5 three products, in this article, we will talk about iWown i5 Plus.

iWown i5 Plus: Design


iWown i5 Plus sports a 0.91-inch OLED display at a resolution of 128×64, 7.8mm in thickness. The display also has two characteristics, can be set to display the time under vertical screen, and can raise hand to activate screen.

Home screen displays the time and battery capacity, and whether a Bluetooth connection, also displays the number of steps and calories.

The strap is made from silicone material, more comfortable in the hand, combined with its light weight, will not cause too much of burden on a movement, and the clasp is made from alloy material, The iWown i5 Plus’s protection is rating of IP65, so we can wash hands, or running in the rain when wearing this bracelet.

The host portion of iWown i5 Plus is removable. It can be plugged directly into a standard USB interface for charging. When charging, a white lamp flashes for about 45 minutes, and the lights extinguished while fully charged, the battery life is about 4 to 5 days.

iWown i5 Plus: Features


In addition to its basic pedometer, sleep monitoring functions, iWown also has the time display, call alerts, push notifications, self-timer, looking for cell phones and other functions.

Open iWown health aide, there will be voice recognition. Set a few alarm clock, the bracelet will continuously vibrate to remind you in a preset time. It is very convenient, but if you want to set the alarm to get up early, I tried it, too weak to shake hands and cannot wake me up. But it is helpful as usual schedule reminders.

As a sports bracelet, a necessary function is the motion detection, in fact, is the pedometer function and calorie detection, when the phone is disconnected with the bracelet, the movement can be detected, when the bracelet connected with the phone again, it will automatically synchronize the data.

The function of searching for a lost phone is great, after Bluetooth connection, swipe left or right on the interface, opening the function, which will have a mobile phone icon with a magnifying glass, and then press the phone will sound an alarm so that you will be able to find your mobile phone.

The iWown i5 Plus is priced at 129 yuan($20) in China, I think it is a cost-effective fitness tracker for sports enthusiasts.

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