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IQI m200 Smart Watch: Android Wear System with Round Dial Design

IQI m200 is a smart watch designed by an young entrepreneurial team in Shenzhen, which adopts Android wear system, using round dial design, all steel forging body and the strap is made of medical environmental material. But IQI m200 does not support inserted SIM card, but joined with the heart rate function.


IQI m200 smart watch has a 1.39-inch white light touch screen, collocated with steel forging dial, but slightly larger. OLED cold touch screen with the resolution of 400X400 pixels, can see the significant pixels when display the digital.


The right side of iqi m200 is three function keys, including a home key, a power key and a backspace key.


On the back of dial, there is POGO PIN USB charging interface with 4 metal contacts, and a heart rate test touch interface. There is a small hole near the metal contact, which is the reset key of the watch.


Small microphone hole at the bottom of the dial, and the top is the corresponding speaker.


iqi m200 uses soft leather strap with pin buckle, supports 8 hole length adjustable. Look more stylish, while wearing feeling pretty good.

iqi-m200-smart-watch-buckleStrap buckle

iqi-m200-smart-watch-thicknessDial thickness


IQI m200 smart watch built-in applications including heart rate test, call records, SMS, news, weather, calendar, setting, theme selection, etc. In addition, IQI m200 smart watch can also be connected with mobile phone via Bluetooth and achieve the notes push of mobile phone calls, SMS, social information.

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