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inWatch Fusion Reviews: Light Extravagant Fashion And Long Standby


inWatch Fusion is a product similar to Withings Activite, which has a stylish and beautiful appearance same as traditional watch, and smart features can be fully demonstrated by phone App.


inWatch Fusion is a light extravagant fashion smart watch, adopts Swiss Ronda quartz movement, in other words, it is added the features of smart watch on the basis of quartz watches.

This watch is also equipped with a sapphire crystal glass, hand-stitched leather strap, as well as 12 Swarovski zircon on the dial.

The dial diameter of inWatch Fusion is 41mm, thickness is 11mm, and the strap width is 18-20mm, divided into long and short style.


There are many bright spots of inWatch Fusion in the design, such as it uses a 316 steel metal material, and 12 Swarovski inlaid zircon on the dial of Swarovski edition. At the same time, this product also supports 30 meters waterproof.


inWatch Fusion adopts Swiss Ronda 763 quartz movement, uses 364 SR621SW battery-powered, can supply power for 40 months, and the battery of smart part is independent, uses CR2335 button batteries, can stand for 3-6 months.


inWatch Fusion provides the mainstream smart watch functions, such as conventional recording and reminders, including sports records, sleep records and eating records, the reminder including call reminder, SMS reminder, drinking reminder and sedentary reminder.

And the phone APP corresponding to Fusion is inHealth, you can record the movement of walking and running consumption. In sleep also can identify the deep sleep and light sleep.

Although inWatch Fusion does not have a dial of conventional smart watches, but can still display the progress of the movement, this function is achieved by the white LED. While the white LED can also be a lot of types of alerts, such as incoming calls and SMS reminder.


To sum up:

inWatch Fusion’s advantage lies in its stylish design and long standby battery, which is the smart watches are generally not available. And in terms of functionality, inWatch Fusion’s experience may not be perfect, but the performance is satisfactory.

If you are a young fashion consumers who focusing on the appearance, then you may prefer to inWatch Fusion, after all, this product is priced at 1,299 yuan, considered a very price in the smart watch market.

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