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Huawei Watch May Go on Sale in June With High Price


Huawei didn’t release flagship phone on MWC2015, but replaced by a smart watch, which has attracted a lot of attention recently. At the press conference Huawei has not announced the price of Huawei watch, so now there are a lot of leaks about the price of this device.

There are some media revealed recently, the price of Huawei watch reached $1,000! This is really a very expensive price. As a comparison, the upcoming Apple Watch, was exposed that the lowest price is $349.

Huawei Watch powered by Android Wear system, the appearance looks like a traditional watch. And the dial adopts circular design, sapphire materials. 1.4-inch AMOLED screen, and the dial interface is colorful, to meet the individual needs of different users.

Huawei Watch equipped with Qualcomm 1.2GHz processor, 512MB RAM + 4GB ROM memory. Built-in variety of sensors to achieve movement and sleep monitoring, can identify the status of a variety of sports. In addition, this smart watch can also displays incoming calls, e-mail, SMS and other notification, to monitor the heart rate of both static and dynamic states.

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