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Huawei TalkBand B3 Launched: with Flexible OLED Screen

In London, Huawei’s new conference, in addition to Huawei P9 and Huawei P9 Plus, Huawei also launched a new smart bracelet TalkBand B3, with three versions: classic, elite and active models.


Appearance: 3D curved screen

The Huawei TalkBand B3 sports a 3D Corning Gorilla Glass, with a metal shell, and it’s worth mentioning that the bracelet to use a flexible OLED screen, to achieve the curved effect, the resolution of 80*128.

Same as Huawei TalkBand B2, the B3 still uses separable design, the body can be removed and used as a Bluetooth headset.

Function: Support motion tracking

The TalkBand B3 supports motion tracking function, when you are exercising, it is possible to take a quick look at the notification, while it is supporting talk via bluetooth, and the TalkBand B3 increase 25% in volume, 80% in noise reduction when compare with B2.

Battery life: 3 days

Huawei TalkBand B3 can standby for three days, to ensure the six hours of talk.


Huawei TalkBand B3 has three versions, active version is priced at 169 euros, classic version priced at 199 euros, and elite version priced at 249 euros.

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