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Huawei Honor Zero SS Review

Now, the market has been filled with various types of smart bracelet. The brands whose smart bracelet is almost done in accordance with the standards of the smart watch only a handful, and Huawei Honor Zero SS version is such a smart bracelet, which bring us a lot of surprise.


High style is our first feeling of Honor zero SS. The bracelet adhering to the honorable “lineage” of Huawei, you may take it as a smart watch rather than a smart bracelet for the first time to see it.


The Honor zero SS is divided into male and female models, and what we got is the female models with elegant style.


Huawei Honor zero SS version with black/Brown/khaki colors are optional, the low-key and elegant all-match color, taking into account the female users who love to wear it to match different dress at different occasions.


The main part of Huawei Honor Zero SS uses a mainstream circular dial design, much like the design of watch, which feels traditional but does not lack of personality and creativity.

Zero SS uses black with rose gold metal frame design, the middle embedded with a 1.06 inch PMOLED screen, resolution of 128×128 pixels.


In addition, the unique strap design is also one of the highlights of Huawei Honor Zero SS: double winding type of leather strap, can around the wrist two laps.

Honor Zero SS compatible with Android 4.4 above or iOS 7 above; supports Bluetooth 4.1 (BLE mode), the back is equipped with the mainstream magnetic charging interface.


After install the matched APP on your mobile phone, then you can customize your own health and wisdom of life.

In the aspect of function, honor zero SS smart bracelet can display the time, WeChat and QQ messages, it can also be replaced the dial, including numbers, pointers and other types of dial can meet the individual needs of different consumers.

With this smart bracelet, you can also check the routine function on the mobile phone, such as steps counting, sleep monitoring, daily exercise and even the quality of sleep and so on, these details of the application are are very rich and sweet, plus HUAWEI wearable APP intelligent reminder service, almost like a personal trainer for the users.


In addition to the beautiful appearance and rich functional applications, zero SS also uses a wireless charging base with magnetic induction to charge for the bracelet.It built-in a 70mAh battery, only takes 1.5 hours, the bracelet can be used for a few days. The theoretical life time of about 4 days, standby time of about 14 days. After these days to hands-on, we can say very clearly, Huawei Honor zero SS can normally work 4 to 5 days.

Zero SS also supports dustproof and IP68 waterproof.


The highlights of Huawei Honor zero SS is not only the beautiful and fashion appearance, but also the ingenuity and creativity adhered from Huawei, and do much optimizion on applications, we think that it is an excellent smart bracelet in the world so far.

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