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Huawei Cooperate with Vogue to Release Female Smartwatch

Recently, at a conference held in Australia, Huawei cooperate with fashion giant Vogue to launch two new smart watches which specially designed for women, which is difference with the Jewel and Elegant versions of Huawei Watch launched at CES 2016.


The launch of Huawei smart watch did not cooperate with technology companies, but chose the fashion industry giant Vogue Australia. Therefore, the new watch with elegant and noble appearance, very consistent with women’s shopping needs.

Female smart watches has some differences with common smartwatch. Women’s wrist is generally smaller, but also more delicate than men’s. Thus, female smart watch is smaller, the strap is also taken of thin and soft materials.

It is reported that the Huawei new watch using a rose gold frame design, leather strap can be fine-tuned according to the different needs of individuals, the dial design is still taking a touch display, with the size of 3.5 cm. In addition, this smart watch also has dozens of different designs, buyers can pick their own smart watch.

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The launch of Huawei female smartwatch is expected to be listed on April 20, the retail price is expected to be $699.

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