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HTC is Developing a New Android Wear Smart Watch

The rumors of HTC will launch a smart watch have been circulating for nearly two years, the company seems to have decided not to launch such products in the last year. But a few months later, the hearsay was “restart” — according to the latest report, HTC is developing a new Android Wear smart watch currently. Like most of the Android Wear smart watches, this product code is peculiar, its code named “Halfbeak” (some kind of fish).

It is reported that this smart watch will be equipped with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels round dial. In addition to this, we do not know more information about it.

HTC new conference will be held in September 29th, when the company will release HTC One (A9) (also known as HTC Aero). This conference is HTC named “double flagship conference”, seems to imply that it will be released two smart mobile phone at the meeting, of course, there may be another smart watches.

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