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Hesvitband S3 Smart Bracelet Review

Hesvitband S3, a smart bracelet developed by a Shenzhen-based company, has been launched two months ago, now keep reading our full review of this smart device and see how does it perform.

Hesvitband S3 Review – Package

Hesvitband S3 Package

Hesvitband S3 with a transparent plastic packaging, you can see the bracelet on three sides.

care, at a glance

You can see Hesvit’s slogan “care, at a glance” on the back. Below it lists all types of monitoring data which will display on the main interface of Hesvitband S3(It is actually a product specification).

hesvitband s3 related parameters

There is a phone APP Download dimensional code on the bottom, next is the product barcode, and the right is related parameters.


Open the outer cover, take out the Hesvitband S3 smart bracelet.

Hesvitband S3 Review – Details

hesvitband s3 screen

Hesvitband S3 smart bracelet features a original nine-backlit LCD screen, not only can display all data on this 17x22mm screen, but also can clearly see in the sunlight, you can understand as many as 12 data at a glance, including time, electricity, running steps, walking mileage, calories, sleep time, heart rate, skin temperature, wrist humidity and temperature, atmospheric pressure, important date reminders, etc. There is only an interactive button on the front face, short press to light up the backlight, long press to startup the heart rate monitor.

hesvitband s3 arch structure

Hesvitband S3 with an arch structure, has an ergonomic design to fit the wrist.

hesvitband s3 MicroUSB charging port

The side of Hesvitband S3 is designed with a MicroUSB charging port, closure with a rubber stopper.

hesvitband s3 sensors

On the back side with air pressure detection hole, photoelectric heart rate sensor and temperature sensor probe, there are temperature and humidity sensors and three axis acceleration sensor inside. These kinds of sensors are integrated in such a small fuselage.

Hesvitband S3 Review – Experience

hesvitband s3 heartrate

The data on Hesvitband S3 is measured in real time except for heart rate, the default is the whole point of automatic monitoring of heart rate, which means that it will measure 24 groups data one day. Of course, it can also be manually measured by long press the button for 5 seconds.

hesvitband s3 heart rate sensor

Photoelectric heart rate sensor is a common sensor in the smart bracelet. Green LED light, then throught the photoelectric sensor to detect the reflected light of blood to calculate the heart rate.

Officials said Hesvitband S3 built-in a 60mAh polymer lithium battery which can standby for 7-10 days, and in the actual experience, the electricity reduce 30% for three days, showing that 7-10 days of battery life is true. Which have benefited from this unique nine-backlit LCD screen and the optimized algorithms.


Although Hesvitband S3 smart wristbands can be used without mobile phone, but some special features still need to complete by APP on smartphone, such as organize data, cloud data synchronous, visualize data, etc.

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