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Haier U+ Launched The First Smart Kit SmartCare


Last November, Haier has released the first batch hardware kit of U+ wisdom life platform –SmartCare lightweight smart kit. This product is the key breakthrough of past six months, proved that Haier U+ wisdom life strategic transition from software to hardware.

It is understood that Haier SmartCare can be real-time monitoring for home networking, switching windows, houses leaks, electrical and temperature state. With water sensor, for example, users do not need to set to get an automatic pairing, it can be used when affix to your house, the bottom reacted by high sensitivity metal, when the house is leaking, it can be promptly detected, and send the information to remind the users. In addition, the price of this multi-device kit is only equivalent to the price of an ordinary household appliances, truly meet the needs of consumers.

Haier SmartCare smart kit is the iconic products of lightweight smart home, its release is not only an upgrade of smart devices, and laid a solid foundation for Haier to build a smart living ecosystem.

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