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Garmin Fenix 3 HR Review


Garmin launched the smartwatch F225 which first built-in Mio optical heart rate sensor last year, then launched 235 and vivosmart HR which using their own Elevate optical heart rate meter. This year, Garmin has released the built-in heart rate version of its flagship outdoor watch Fenix 3, model Fenix 3 HR.

In terms of appearance, Fenix 3 HR has little change compared to ordinary models, but differs slightly on the details, it is generally difficult to detect. Bezel and buttons is made of durable stainless steel materials, covered with a layer of sapphire, no need further foil protection.

Other specifications, Garmin fenix 3 HR is basically same as the fenix 3, supports 100 meter waterproof, EXO receiving antenna can receive two kinds of GPS and GLONASS satellite signals simultaneously, precise positioning reliable.

Fenix 3 HR sports with a comfortable rubber strap, which can easily be replaced. After the match with a mobile phone, fenix 3 HR also able to display calls, text messages, e-mail and application notification, support pedometer, sedentary reminder, calorie consumption and other health functions, also built-in altimeter, barometer and electronic compass, in addition to GPS navigation, but also can show azimuth, altitude, temperature, sunrise and sunset and other outdoor activities data.

The biggest feature of fenix3 HR is the built-in the Garmin home-grown Elevate optical heart rate monitor, can support 24H/7D real-time monitoring of heart rate. And thanks to this, the battery life has reduced when compared to regular version.

fenix3 HR can monitor your heart rate data changes through four hours of heart rate icon. After connecting with App you can also check the heart rate data within 7×24 hours, very practical.

In addition to all-day heart rate detection, fenix3 HR also able to match the latest HRM-RUN heart rate belt to achieve the second-generation dynamic running data monitoring, including stride, vertical stride ratio and the balance of both feet touch the ground three new data, as well as maximum oxygen consumption, recovery instructions, etc.

If you want a professional and accurate heart rate smartwatch, no doubt that Garmin fenix3 HR is the best choice for you.

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