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EXE Watch Review


Recently there is a new smartwatch called EXE Watch is crowdfunding on TaoBao, the biggest C2C online mall in China. The EXE Watch is a smart sport watch with stylish appearance and rich outdoor sports monitoring function.

Compared to a lot of smart watches on the market, although the EXE WATCH integrates a lot of outdoor sports healthcare and other sensors, but did not give a very heavy feeling.

EXE Watch: Design


The EXE Watch using a process of hard anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy, with the dozens of seiko procedures processing. At least from the degree of details and perception, it almost comparable with APPLE WATCH.

The EXE WATCH set a variety of dial, you can easily switch the dial by touch screen or digital crown. The distinctive sports dial, not only can let you know the time, date, counting steps, temperature, altitude and barometric pressure at a glance, but also has a strong sense of technology! According to the manufacturer, this dial has intelligent function, the relevant sensors will automatically open when switch to the sports dial, when exit this dial, those senors will also automatically turns off.

The WATCH features a 1.22-inch IPS full-view HD circular screen, although it is not a pure round screen, but its UI design is very delicate, set up a virtual return key in the area of the dial where can’t display, very clever design, meet the users’ habit of exit and return same as operate a smartphone.

EXE Watch: Function


1. Digital Crown

The digital crown of EXE WATCH can already be done easily to switch the dial, quick start function (custom setting), the zoom menu, adjust volume, browse page, verify options, and more, in case of emergency can be a key trigger SOS.

2. Gestures Operating

Raise hand to wake up the dial, flip mute, shake to answer the phone, etc. The EXE Watch offers some gestures operating functions for users convenience on outdoor sports. But we think that they are a little oversensitive.

3. Water Resistant

The EXE WATCH with a IP67-level professional waterproof, offers good running characteristics under various environments, such as take a shower, wash hands. Outdoor activities will inevitably encounter harsh environments and weather, there is a powerful outdoor device, both practical and free from worry.

4. Monitoring Function

The smartwatch can monitor the heart rate, sleep quality for you, but also can fed back the step number, temperature, altitude when you exercise outdoor.

5. Phone Call

The EXE WATCH not only can be connected with the phone as the smartphone’s companion, but also can be inserted into an independent mobile phone SIM card, the call experience is also good, sound quality and volume are very clear, almost can achieve the speaker effect of high-quality smartphone, but also can be used as MP3 on wrist.

EXE Watch: Battery Life


If turn off the function of raise to wake up the screen, the EXE Watch can last 3-3.5 days for one charge. But if you keep running the wake up function, it only can standby for 2 days at most for one charge. So I think it is not bad but you can’t see this as one of its advantages.

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