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DOOV MISD Smart Watch X11 Review

China Doov brand has always been focused on women’s mobile phone market, it keep launching some excellent female smartphones. With more and more attention of smart wearable in the world, Doov also released a MISD smart jewel watch.


The white box is very simple, the front face with DOOV logo and slogan — “brave, make the unknown more beautiful”. The side is Doov MISD smart watch models: X11, one battery included.


Doov MISD smart watch lying on the white foam groove.


Doov MISD smart watch with classic 3.6cm diameter circular dial, sapphire glass surface, and the watchcase and gauge seat are all made of stainless steel. 2 watch hands (hour and minute hand), there is a MISD logo under the 12 point scale; the bezel inlaid with 54 SWAROVSKI crystal zircon, matching with rose gold bezel, seems luxury.


The strap uses first layer of leather design, 15mm width, wearing more comfortable. Segmented with dark stripes. The total length of 20cm, 8 strap buckle holes can adjust the size for most users.


The removable case, used to replace the battery.


Doov MISD smart watch is not just beautiful. It also equipped with 16KB+256K memory, 220mAH battery, with waterproof function, focus on weight loss fuction.


Download and launch the App through the two-dimensional code, binding MISD smart watch.


Doov MISD displays the amount of exercise according to the frequency of your hand. But there is little disadvantage, the smart watch will indirect disconnect in motion, need to be repeated connection.

The warm-up exercise ended, the app will calculation and display your Kaluri consumption.


Doov MISD smart watch has a very good fusion with the app, also can count the steps in outdoor.


The app also can teach you how to shape your body, provides a series of methods.


Doov MIDS is a fashion smart watch. And women will have a special liking to this, both beautiful and help to lose weight. But on the whole, the function of Doov MIDS smart watch is single, which is need to be improved.

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