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Baidu Released BaiduEye Wearable Device

Baidu 2015 World Congress held today, it is reported that, Baidu will use their own advantages to launch a “BaiduEye” smart Wearable device, Perhaps, it will use Robin Li’s way to save the world.


This BaiduEye is not strictly a smart glasses, but its shape and makes it hard to apart from smart glasses, you can take it as one of the third eye or second head of users. It was developed by Baidu Institute of Deep Learning, blend in the research of Baidu big data and artificial intelligence.

According to the news, BaiduEye will not have the glasses and the traditional nose clip, mainly through gesture recognition to operate,. For example, when you draw a circle in front of an object or to pick up the goods in the air with your fingers, BaiduEye can analysis according to the related instructions on the object recognition,.

BaiduEye may be help the wearer to know the outside world in electronic commerce, education, public services and transportation, also can help the disabled people with normal communication. Some people think that this will be the key product of Baidu to open the O2O.

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